How Ecolo Performs Their Quality Chute Cleaning

We here at Ecolo are known far and wide for our odor control methods. But did you know we’re also recognized for quite a few other services as well? Like our chute cleaning services; there are countless Floridians who look to us to help clean their trash chutes. And this is because our chute cleaning services can provide quite a few benefits. But if you’re curious in learning more how we execute such a high-end and quality chute cleaning procedure, then continue reading below.


Ecolo’s Chute Cleaning Process


1. Power Wash

The first thing we do is power wash the interior of your trash chute. Our trash chute cleaning service performs this step with the use of a citrus chemical cleanser that’s paired with water under high circulating pressure.


2. Inspection

During pressure cleaning, all trash chutes are cleaned and “detailed” by hand. All hydraulic parts are cleaned and examined so that we ensure your chute is functioning as per fire code. If we recognize any defective parts, we report them to you in our inspection report that follows each cleaning.


3. Polish

After inspection, all stainless steel surfaces are polished accordingly. During this step of the process, the trash storage is pressure-cleaning and deodorized with our foam (enzyme cleaner) that inhibits trash based organic odor and infestation.


4. Trash Bin Cleaning

In the last stage of our process, we pressure clean all empty trash bins with water and our foaming cleanser.


The Benefits of Receiving Our Trash Chute Cleaning


Healthier Environment

The absolute greatest benefit of receiving our trash chute cleaning services is that you’ll be able to dwell in an overall healthier environment. Trash chutes carry the potential spreading illnesses that can afflict one’s health. So once we’re done cleaning your chute, you can expect you and your occupant’s well-being to be safe in the new odor and residue-free setting we’ve helped establish.


Improve Employee Production

It’s no secret that a hygienic setting helps improve employee productivity. When facets of your business are dirty or unhygienic, your employees can become easily distracted from performing their duties. And with all that distraction, your business won’t be able to generate enough revenue. Once we get to cleaning your trash chute, your business will be able to thrive again.


Make Good Impressions With Customers

Having an overall clean environment makes a lasting impression just as much as an unclean environment can. After our chute cleaning services are provided to you, customers will acknowledge how clean and sanitary your business is. As a result, they’ll be willing to come back more often than usual.


Contact Ecolo Today For The Absolute Best Chute Cleaning in All of South Florida


Ecolo has been providing its quality services for many years, making them one of the most established chute cleaning service providers to exist in the whole state. When you call to hire them to clean your chute, we can promise you that they’ll get your trash chute functional again with no issues whatsoever. But more so, we can also promise that once they’re done, you’ll be added to their growing list of satisfied customers. For any inquiries, you may call us at 1.888.88.ECOLO or visit our contact page.

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