Trash Chute Cleaning & Maintenance Miami


Do you have a trash chute that’s in need of proper cleaning or maybe even a repair? If you find that your trash chute hasn’t been providing its proper function or it has accumulated too much filth, then feel free to call and hire the industry experts over at Ecolo right away. Ecolo can provide you with the best trash chute cleaning and maintenance Miami services around. Our staff is properly trained and well-experienced to ensure that your trash chute will provide no issues to you whatsoever. Moreover, our staff is also always readily available to help you with dirtied and damaged trash chutes at just about any time. To learn more about what our Trash Chute Cleaning and Maintenance Miamiservices encompass, continue reading below.


Trash Chute Cleaning & Maintenance Miami

Trash Chute Cleaning Miami


If you have a high-rise building with a trash chute, it always recommended that you have it cleaned at least once a year. And this is due to the accumulation of filth that can occur. When you hire Ecolo for their trash chute cleaning Miami services, you can expect them to provide you with exceptional service. We’ll power wash the interior of your chute using a citrus chemical cleanser and water that’s projected with high circulating pressure.

By doing this, all chute doors are pressure cleaned and “detailed” by hand. We’ll examine and clean every hydraulic component that’s built into your chute to ensure that it’s working per fire code standards. And when we find any defective parts, they are reported to you in our inspection report that’s followed by each cleaning.

For all stainless steel surfaces, they will be polished thoroughly.  Then the trash storage area is pressure-cleaned and deodorized with our enzyme cleaner foam that inhibits trash-based organic odor and infestation. Finally, we pressure clean all empty trash bins with water and a foaming cleanser.


Trash Chute Repair Miami


For 24 hours-a-day, day or night, we always have an expert team of technicians available to provide you with trash chute repair in Miami. Through their work, they will assess any issues you might have with your chute or compactor and will help in any way they can to fix the problem. Ecolo’s employees will come to your property and will diagnose the problem on the spot. And then they will either repair the issue on-site so you can resume function immediately after or at least give you an estimate within 24 hours.

If you want to call to arrange an estimate for your trash chute repair Miami services, then you can contact us at (561) 620-7821.


Why Choose Ecolo For Its Trash Chute Cleaning & Maintenance Miami Services


Our long-established Miami trash chute cleaning and repair company has been providing its services for over 25 years. And during these 25 years, we’ve devoted our Miami services for over 1,500 condominiums and high-rise apartment building in the South Florida community.

Due to us being around for a long time, countless Miami residents often look to us for trash chute assistance. There are numerous cases where trash chutes have become unbearable to deal with. And no matter how much cleaning you do or repairs, the issue never seems to go away. But with our trash chute cleaning Miami services, or through our trash chute repair Miami services, we can promise you that we can resolve any and all problems – and that’s a guarantee.


The Benefits of our Trash Chute Cleaning & Maintenance Miami Services


Our Trash Chute Cleaning & Maintenance Miami Services provides a myriad of benefits to your property. The best ones, however, are listed below.


Pleasant Atmosphere


One of the first things you might notice from our trash chute cleaning Miami services is that the bad stench you’ve smelt before is gone. And thanks to this, you and other occupants can reside in your property comfortably. For residential property, you can enjoy peace of quiet without having residents complain about the smell. And for a business, you and your employees can continue working without being disturbed y a horrendous odor.


Fewer Pests


Another amazing benefit that comes from our trash chute cleaning Miami services is that fewer bugs and rodents will be present on your property. And even though our cleaners aren’t pesticides, it still provides a pleasant smell that deters unwanted pests. Moreover, it is safe to breathe and L.E.E.D. approved. And if you wish to learn more about it, our Material Safety Data Sheet is available upon request.


Functioning Chute


When you call and hire us for our trash chute repair Miami services, you will be provided with a functional chute once again. Through excessive use, your trash chute can sometimes get damaged and it won’t function properly, sometimes causing a buildup in the trash. But once eliminated and repairs are given, you can use your trash chute without any issues.


Contact Ecolo Today For the Best Trash Chute Cleaning & Maintenance Miami Services


Ecolo has provided their services to countless customers across South Florida, and if you’re a Miami resident that needs effective trash chute cleaning or trash chute repair, you can trust us. Our Trash Chute Cleaning & Maintenance Miami services will have your property’s trash chute clean and functional again in no time. In fact, we’re confident that when you hire us, you’ll be more than satisfied with our work as you’re added to our growing list of happy customers. For any inquiries, you may call us at 1.888.88.ECOLO or visit our contact page.