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Do you have a property that suffers from being smelly and unsanitary? Have you tried cleaning it over and over again, yet it still gives off a horrendous smell? Has this issue been around for quite some time now? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then don’t wait another minute. Contact Ecolo right now so that you hire the sanitization industry’s best staff of professionals. Through our efforts, we can guarantee that we will always be readily available to provide you with top-notch Riviera Beach sanitization services. Our trained expert employees will ensure that your property is sanitized as much as possible. By hiring us, we can promise that you and other property occupants will be able to reside in a totally healthy environment due to our work. To learn more about what our Riviera Beach sanitization services encompass, continue reading below.


Ecolo’s Riviera Beach Sanitization Services

Have any trash bins that have been afflicted with filth and have resulted in you residing in an unsanitary atmosphere? If you fear for your own health as well as your property’s occupants’ health due to this unsanitary environment – whether it be residents or employees – then you should hire our Riviera Beach sanitization services.

Regardless of if your property is a gym, card room, a clubhouse – anything! – you can trust that Ecolo’s Riviera Beach sanitization services will completely sterilize the affected area in no time. Ecolo’s professionally trained staff will utilize their Clorox electrostatic services. And with this service, they can make sure your grounds are thoroughly sanitized and usable again. Also, with their advanced equipment, they’ll be able to mist all areas to ensure that no harmful bacteria is lingering. Our employees come prepared with gloves and masks in order to provide you with peace-of-mind and to bring back your property’s healthy atmosphere.


Odor Control


Our most popular service provided here at Ecolo is our odor control. Our company has created an effective chemical formula and misting system that will guarantee that your property will become odor-free. This chemical formula and system have been constructed thanks to the 25 years-worth of input provided by property managers and chief engineers who couldn’t resolve the smell of organic waste. For numerous years, engineers have attempted to make odors spawned off of waste products less dominant in their interior environment. However, they’ve only been able to make chutes, and trash rooms smell like a mix of filth and flowers.

At Ecolo, however, our odor control chemical is made with bio-enzymes that interact with odor-causing bacteria in waste products so that they can be broken down at a molecular level. These bio-enzymes help to eliminate the odor as our Riviera Beach sanitization services utilize it. And as a result, with reduced odor, you’ll have fewer bugs and rodents invading your property.

Our odor control chemical is safe to breathe and L.E.E.D. approved.


Commercial Application


A commercial property that’s become smelly and unsanitary is one that can be cared for with our Riviera Beach sanitization services.

Grocery stores, hospitals, restaurants, and other large-scale buildings can accumulate large amounts of garbage at a single time. And once this garbage decays and releases terrible odors, it’s often caused by small puddles and solid materials of waste that sticks to walls, floors, and especially your trash bins. And while you’re ensuring that you empty these bins often, the smell still remains.

So when troubled with smelly trash bins or even a waste collection room, call us. Ecolo’s odor control program coupled with our Riviera Beach sanitization services will ensure your property smells appropriate again in no time.


Industrial Application


Large-scale properties will often attract a lot of attention. And when your property smells terrible, it will attract even more attention while simultaneously give off bad impressions. Because of this, our goal at Ecolo is to ensure that your site is unnoticeable to the general public. And in order to do this, we rely on our impactful and environmentally friendly solutions to assist in fighting against odor-causing by-products. Ecolo provides the best solutions to your industrial odor protection needs. Our Riviera Beach sanitization services offer solid waste and waste-water treatments. with BioStreme to prevent the generation of odors. We also neutralize annoying fugitive odors to protect staff and neighbors. ​

Ecolo has provided its services to many property types including oil refineries, food and beverage manufacturers, automobile painting garages, yeast drying facilities, and just about everything in between. When you hire us, we can help you.


Waste & Water Application


Ecolo realizes how vital municipal waste-water treatment plants (WWTP) are. These plants provide an important community service that’s critical for the protection of both the environment and public health. Sometimes, however, these services are often troubled with odorous compounds. But once they’re applied correctly, our products will eliminate the creation and spread of odors in several areas such as:

  • – Perimeter spraying to reduce off-site complaints
  • – Tank/Lagoon foaming to reduce odor particle creation
  • – Lift Stations can be treated with neutralizers, reactants, and biological odor suppressants to meet the systems needs
  • – Sludge handling can be improved through Bio-Streme applications as well as Air-Solution misting and fogging to neutralize odor



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Ecolo has provided their services to countless customers across South Florida, and if you’re a Riviera Beach resident that needs effective sanitization, you can trust us. Our Riviera Beach sanitization services will have your property sanitized and odor-free in no time. In fact, we’re confident that when you hire us, you’ll be more than satisfied with our work as you’re added to our growing list of happy customers. For any inquiries, you may call us at 1.888.88.ECOLO or visit our contact page.