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Ecolo is the ultimate name in odor control in the United States and around the world. We have developed our chemical formula and our misting system with 25 years of input from Property Managers and Chief Engineers who did not have answers for the smell of organic waste in their trash rooms.

For years, engineers tried to mask the odor from waste with products that made the chutes and the trash rooms smell like garbage and flowers. The trash smell never went away.

With Ecolo, our odor control chemical has bio-enzymes designed to interact with the odor-causing bacteria in waste products and break it down at the molecular level, eliminating the odor.

A wonderful by-product of the reduced odor is fewer bugs and rodents, although the product is not a pesticide. It is safe to breathe and L.E.E.D. approved. Our Material Safety Data Sheet is available upon request.


Every high-rise apartment building should have their chutes cleaned at least once per year.

1. We power wash the interior of the chute using a citrus chemical cleanser and water under high circulating pressure.

2. Every chute door is pressure cleaned and “detailed” by hand. Every hydraulic part is cleaned and examined to ensure that it is working as per fire code. Any defective parts are reported to you in our inspection report that follows each cleaning.

3. All stainless steel surfaces are polished.

The trash storage area is pressure-cleaned and deodorized with our proprietary foam (enzyme cleaner) that inhibits trash based organic odor and infestation.

4. All empty trash bins are pressure cleaned with water and our foaming cleaner.


We have an expert team of technicians who will assess any issues you may have with your chute or compactor. We will come to your building and diagnose the trouble at no charge, and then we will give you an estimate within 24 hours.


Call us at (561)309-7302 to arrange for your estimate today.


24 hours a day, day or night, call our emergency repair team at 561.309.7302 and we will have someone out to your site to assess any damage and mitigate any loss of function.